Who We Are

Welcome to Baycreek & Co and The Baycreek Collection

Welcome to Baycreek, our favorite place in the world ! We are Jeanette and Mike, the owners of Baycreek. As small business owners , we're thrilled to have you here! I'm the creative brain behind the operation, and Mike's the magic wand that makes everything happen. Together, we're living our wildest dreams, juggling two shops and three kids. Thanks for joining us on this exciting ride!
Our addresses are: 
-Baycreek & CO: 9770 S Dixie Hwy, Erie, MI 48133

-Baycreek Collection: 2147 Manhattan Street, Erie, MI 48133

Our two brick & mortar locations only open for 4 days each month! Each month brings new displays, merchandise and inspiring installations ! We work the rest of the month hunting, curating, making and brainstorming new ideas and visions!

We welcome over 2,000 shoppers in 4 days each month!