A New Way to Shop!

Welcome to Baycreek & Co

Welcoming over 2,000 shoppers in 4 days each month!
Offering 2,000 square feet of handmade, new + found items, baked goods, trendy clothing and tons more!

About Us

Home to over 20 designers and small businesses 
Located 10 minutes North of Toledo & 40 minutes South of Detroit 
Building a community of loyal visitors 
Growing small businesses in a fresh and unique atmosphere 
Giving our community the opportunity to explore ways to incorporate new & antiques into their homes. Creating a sense of urgency by offering a limited number of items. Get here early and hunt for the things you cannot live without! 

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Instagram 7,417
Email list 3,464

Meet Jeanette & Mike

Hi there! 

We are Jeanette & Mike and we own Baycreek & Co, the best kept secret in all of Detroit & Toledo! We promise, you are going to fall in love with the story, the designers and the whole concept!

We opened our doors with 8 other small businesses to a big and heartfelt reaction from the community. Fast forward 2 years and we now have over 20 designers and visitors who drive over 3 hours in 4 days! 

 Our shop opens 4 days each month! We call it “The Monthy Market.”We bring in all new inventory and reset the entire shop each market. It’s an incredible amount of work but something we are good at, and it is what we + our loyal shoppers love most about the entire concept. 

Baycreek & Co carries homemade bakery items, antique, vintage & hand built furniture, new and found home decor, handmade soaps & decor, jewelry, wall art, live plants seasonally, trendy boutique clothing and everything in between! 

 Baycreek has grown into a destination shopping event for people who travel from all over! We’ve had visitors from Indiana, Canada and Tennessee! We are planning some big things, which includes more space, more video and more fun! 


- Jeanette & Mike


Meet Our Designers 

Coming Soon!

Behind The Scenes 

We come together each month, a week before we open and completely reset the entire shop. We have 20 designers and small businesses that bring in everything from trendy clothing to handmade soaps to handbuilt furniture. We create inspiring vignettes and an inviting atmosphere by mixing all of the different brands. We do not have vendor spaces or booths. The entire process is very collaborative. Here’s a video to give you a taste: