Spring Transitions

This month has seen some curators branch off away from Baycreek & Co. And while we are sad to see them leave the family we are excited to see them flourish in their new adventures.

Chrissy & Natalie have linked up to open a studio called Inspired Wallflowers. They will be offering painting classes and creative DIY classes and taking commission pieces. We loved both of them and wish them the best of luck!!! We can’t wait to visit!

Tamara’s heart was being led in another direction. She will continue to sell to her VIP group on Facebook– Tamara’s Timeless Treasures & she is adding new things every day!! We will miss her easy going vibe and we hope to have her back in Baycreek & Co soon. 

Erin, from Cotton Blossom Exchange is in the early stages of opening a storefront for her small business. We can’t wait to see her dreams come true! We will miss you and we wish you all the success! 

We want to thank each of these ladies for supporting Baycreek & Co from the very beginning and we look forward to what the future holds for all of their ventures.


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